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Hello friends, I had started this blog on 10th October ‘10, i.e., 101010 :). If you are new to blogging and wish to start your own, then this is for you. On the eve of first anniversary of my blog, I would like to share with you "What is Blogging?" and my experience of blogging for one year. Blogging is really a beautiful experience. You can share your thoughts, ideas, knowledge, through the blog.

Let’s try to understand Blogging...

Blog, also known as "weblog", is the fusion of two words, "Web Log". In the simplest form, we can say "A blog is a diary." written by a blogger (the one who blogs) that is not at all personal ;). You can write different articles known as blog posts, in your blog to share with people around the globe. Blog posts are organized in reversed chronological order. This means, when a visitor opens your blog, he/she will see the latest blog post listed first. Or last page of the diary is displayed first, the place where the marker is left!

Blog is very interactive in nature. Blog visitors can comment on blog posts. Today's blogging services provide a lot of features apart from the obvious ones needed for blogging. For instance, you can moderate the comments of blog visitors so that they are visible to blog visitors only after your approval. I don't want to give an overdose of such information. You can find it yourself when you start blogging. Below are the basics that will help you to start blogging...

1) Blog Post
It is the article (blog post) that you write. You can post your articles, edit them, and delete them.

2) Labels or Categories or Tags
Every blog post is associated with one or more tag(s), label(s) or categories. This is not mandatory but it is a standard practice. This will help blog visitors to find information quickly when the blog posts are properly organized.

3) Archives
All your blog posts are grouped together at specific intervals, viz., monthly, yearly, etc. This is just like filing away old documents in our real life. Blog visitors can visit your blog and go through the archives to read old blog posts.

4) Widgets
You can add custom components known as Widgets to your blog. These components can be scripts, html, etc. They may be third party services, libraries, scripts. You can enhance your blog using different widgets. Today’s blogging services provide a range of different in-built widgets for direct use.

5) Pages
           You can add pages with custom content to your blog and link them in different ways. Most common way is to create a menu. In some cases, the pages can be linked manually by adding a widget.

6) Themes/Style
           You can set your blog's theme and layout according to your taste and needs. Again there are in-built themes and you can design your own custom themes.

There are many more things to know about blogging, like, how to increase visitors traffic, how to check blog traffic statistics, how to make money through blog, etc. But, for now, these should be enough for you to start blogging. You will know more with time when you start your own blog.

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Happy Blogging!
All the best!
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Sachin Vidhate said...

Hey This Stuff is really nice for beginners..
I liked It.
I am Student of SIMCA
MCA 1st yr.
Want to start my blog. Please tell me who is the good provider of blog..
I need one for casual blogging(for fun and all)
and one for technological or can call professional blogging.
Please suggest me :-)

Abhijit Annaldas said...

Hello Sachin,
I have given a link about "Blog Services Review 2012" in this post itself. Please go through it and choose the one that best suits your needs.
All the best.

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