Cloud Computing

Technically Speaking, "Cloud Computing is a set of connected servers on which users can purchase storage and computation services as per his needs, and whenever he needs and use his applications over the internet."

The most important aspect of cloud computing is that users can get to access his documents, spreadsheets and all the stuff he needs over the internet anywhere, anytime. Users need not own physical infrastructure and he only needs to pay for what he/she uses. The resources that a user purchases in the cloud can dynamically scale up and down for his requirements.

Cloud not only helps in daily computing needs of an individual but also helps in building enterprise solutions in the cloud. Individual developers and IT Companies can develop applications for cloud and provide service to various businesses and individuals.

So the computing in future will surely to be an internet based computing. Users will just require a terminal to access internet and nothing else. Everything will be in the cloud.


amod@techassert said...

hey its nice... i also used to write about cloud sometime but that's mostly on application. It would be better if you write more about SaaS part of cloud. I am also working in cloud but that is IBM one. Cloud is no doubt Amazing...

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